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Motorhome rapido 987f

0 commentsUncategorized    Rapido Modello: 987f Km: 63300 Alimentazione: Diesel Cilindrata (cc): 2300 Anno immatricolazione: 2007 Peso massimo complessivo (kg): 3500 Lunghezza (cm): 699 Larghezza (cm): 232 Posti letto: four Posti omologati: four Data annuncio: 18 set, 2020 Tipo di veicolo: Usato Città: Trieste Cap: 34137 Provincia: Gorizia DESCRIZIONE Occasione; Garanzia del concessionario 12 mesi; Importo ….  Read More

The Sensation of Good Posture

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The sensation of good posture is very pleasurable. Those with good posture are using the appropriate muscles for movement and stability. These people feel free and easy, at least in their physical movements, and very likely in how they feel about themselves. They walk gracefully and look as though they know that they have that ….  Read More