The FAB formula for product descriptions that sell

Potential purchasers couldn’t care less about the highlights that your item has and how pleased you are of them. What they would like to realize what your item can accomplish for them. Sounds basic, isn’t that so? Be that as it may, for what reason do leaflets, organization site pages and industry entryways contain so minimal about item benefits?  Free Spyzie Download

Rather, they are covered with useless expressions like in

Most extreme flexibility,

Cutting edge arrangement,

Ideal quality,

World-class exactness,

Front line innovation, and so on.

Such an advertising bombast demoralizes instead of dazzles purchasers. Specifically as there is a helpful strategy for good item depiction composing: the FAB procedure. This blog entry will clarify the standards behind the FAB technique, which naturally lets you compose better item portrayals.

What’s behind the FAB strategy?

The FAB technique is a three-advance way to deal with depicting an item regarding highlights, points of interest and advantages.

the three stages of the FAB technique

Meaning of Feature

Highlights are item qualities. For a water system siphon, a stream pace of 10 m³/h would be one of its highlights.

Meaning of Advantage

Favorable circumstances are the upsides that item includes achieve. A preferred position of a water system siphon with a 10 m³/h stream rate could be that the client can utilize a few yard sprinklers all the while.

Meaning of Benefit

An item advantage is an increase for the client accomplished by utilizing the item. For our water system siphon, the advantage of the high stream rate is that the client is saved the dreary undertaking of moving grass sprinklers about if needing to flood a wide region.

Step by step instructions to approach utilizing the FAB technique

Item depictions made based on the FAB procedure let you stand apart plainly from the horde of your rivals since you are concentrating on client advantage. Item benefits are the response to a potential purchaser’s inquiry “What precisely are the reasons why I should purchase this item?”

Rundown all the highlights of your item that come into view. These can be specialized properties, for example, the stream rate or the quantity of wells in a microtiter plate. Compose these properties into a table.

For each element, consider one to three focal points. Set aside enough effort for this since you are doing the foundation for your item portrayal to eventually expand your deals.

Presently comes the hardest piece for some marketing specialists: for each bit of leeway, set up a couple of advantages. Continue asking yourself the inquiry: in what capacity will the purchaser profit by the bit of leeway?

Tip: Through their normal contacts with clients, agents and administration professionals as a rule know very well how the items are utilized. Ask your associates what clients see as the fundamental advantages they get from utilizing your item.

The FAB technique: List of the highlights, favorable circumstances and advantages of an item



Focal points


1 Automated setup Less preparing required

Reliably reproducible results Knowing to have everything leveled out

2 Coherent, complete review trail for stacking, handling and reporting Easier review preparation Knowing to be 100% arranged for the review

3 UNIFI Software Automated arrangement and calibration Consistent results for clients of all experience levels

4 All parts are arranged, tried and introduced together Quick to place into operation Higher profitability in routine utilization

5 SmartMS Errors are effectively recognized and eliminated High operational accessibility

6 Optimized framework for steady and reproducible outcomes with any application Same nature of results all the time Full trust in your outcomes

The FAB method

causes you to methodicallly build up the line of contention from highlight → advantage → advantage

lays the foundation for item depictions that sell better,

help you to acquire prospective customers.


The FAB strategy grants anybody to compose better item depictions. Its orderly methodology causes you to find the item benefits your clients get. In another blog entry, you can discover how to investigate and improve existing writings utilizing the FAB technique.

How would you go about item depiction composing? What do you see as the greatest obstructions to working out client benefits? I anticipate your remarks and recommendations.

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