The Sensation of Good Posture

The sensation of good posture is very pleasurable. Those with good posture are using the appropriate muscles for movement and stability. These people feel free and easy, at least in their physical movements, and very likely in how they feel about themselves. They walk gracefully and look as though they know that they have that certain “something.” They easily engage with others having the same easy sensation. People within this group of posture perfect individuals are exchanging glances, rewarding smiles, and pleasant discussions. These are empowering social exchanges that lift their spirits for their whole day, the whole week, and throughout their lives.

People with good posture showcase how they feel. They have a sense of communication above what is understood by those without good posture. They use their body language to send messages to each other. These messages are actually what may be referred to as “vibes.” These vibes or positive feelings transfer almost instantaneously to their electrical/chemical impulses. In fact these feelings¬†are¬†their impulses.

There is no need to be left out of this group of people. We all have electrical/chemical impulses that initiate our emotions and our physical muscle movements as a “reaction.” (These impulses are also self triggered, however in this discussion let’s review those impulses triggered by others who react toward us.) This meeting on the street for example, actually is an exchange of positive electrical/chemical reactions. If you have the right stuff, then you are appreciated when you are viewed. When you receive positive communication, say a pleasant “hello,” or a kind look, electrical/chemical reactions are felt within you and they are soothing and enjoyable. We’ll get to just how you can naturally be part of this selective group of people. Let’s discuss more of what this body language is and the associated sensations.

Most of the time our own emotional sensations originate within our soul, our personality. When we improve ourselves physically, then emotionally, we’ll have the personality and upright way in our movements to display a sense of peace and kindness toward others. Our own body in turn feels a certain satisfaction derived from their kind response. We can then easily exhibit an even more uplifting body and facial appearance. That’s just how it works.

It can work for us or against us. When people see our way of moving or our appearance, are they inspired? Do they like what they see? Do they feel comfortable so they can exchange pleasantries? These are important questions. Let’s delve into this.

Think of communication as a two way street or better, a cloverleaf on ramp to the “smooth highway” of socializing. There are many subtleties that one experiences as we communicate with others. To be rewarded with these pleasant sensations one must appear able to accept them. This is the two way street. Even a neutral but poised appearance on your part will bring about pleasant comments from others. The key for all this to happen often is to have the pleasing body posture and face that causes others to compliment you or at least notice you appreciably. This is the “smooth highway” mentioned earlier. The unspoken language of your body brings about a cause and effect when meeting others. Let’s make it a positive and smooth cause and effect. Let’s find out how we can do it.


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